8700 Hot Melt Pellets – Fast Set – case and carton sealing – 33 lb. box

8700 Hot Melt Pellets – Fast Set – case and carton sealing – 33 lb. box

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Product Features

  • Bulk Hot Melt Glue Pellets
  • 5 Second Open Time
  • 8700 Fast Set Formula
  • 33 lbs. per box

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Shipping Weight: 35.0 lbs.

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8700 Hot Melt Pellets – High Melt Temperature Fast Set – 33 lb. box, Bulk Hot Melt Glue Pellets.  MADE IN USA. 1 Per Pack.

Bulk Hot melt adhesive for Packaging and carton sealing. Strong Bonds to Most Porous Substrates including paper, board, cloth and wood. Fast Initial Tack, Fast Set. 3-5 seconds open time.

DESCRIPTION: A high performance general purpose hot melt designed for increased mileage, improved
runnability and good adhesion to a variety of paper and paperboard surfaces for case, carton and
tray sealing packaging and paper converting applications.

APPLICATION: Packaging/Paper Converting


Color: Light Amber
Softening Point: 230 ºF
Viscosity: 900- 1100 cps at 350 ºF
Speed of Set: Fast
Application Temperature: 300 – 350ºF

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Product Type

Best Seller, Bulk Hot Melt, EVA Hot Melt

Bonds To

Cardboard, Coated Stocks, Fabrics, Paper, Wood

Container Size

Box | 33 LB.