Labeling – Hot Melts – Water-based adhesives – Industrial Tapes

Hot Melt Company is supplying a wide range of Bulk Hot Melts – Industrial Tapes and Water-based adhesives for use in Labeling applications.
Our Hot Melt Adhesive and Water-based Labeling adhesives are designed to be used for Wet or Dry– Glass and Plastic bottle labeling applications.

Glass Bottle Labeling Adhesives:  Casein/Zinc Free – Excellent Clean-ability – Ice-Proof – Moisture and Water Resistant – Over 6 months of shelf life – Temperature & Viscosity Stability – Use About 20% Less Adhesive vs. other brands.

Hot Melt Company has all the bulk hot melts – pressure sensitive – water-based adhesives used for product labeling on All types of Labeling equipment. including:  KETTNER,  KRONES,  P.E.,  KRIS TECH,  SIDEL,  ACCRAPLY,  AUTOLABE,  AVERY,  B & H,  BURT,  CCL,  CVC,  DIAGRAPH,  FASSON,  HARLAND,  HERMA,  KRONES,  LABEL-AIRE,  LABELETTE,  LANGGUTH,  LSI,  MARSH,  MATEER BURT,  NEW JERSEY,  NEW WAY PACKAGING,  NEWMAN,  NJM,  PDC,  QUADREL,  STANDARD KNAPP,  TRINE,  TRONICS,  VERSAPPLY,  WILLETT  and  OTHERS.

In Stock Products include: Pressure sensitive hot melts – Bulk Hot Melts – Water-based pressure sensitive adhesives for bonding to Glass, Metals and Plastics.

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