Industrial Tapes

High strength Industrial Tapes and Transfer Tapes that have excellent tack and shear performance

Industrial Tapes: Aerospace, Automotive, Building & Construction, Fabrication, General Industrial, Laminating, Membrane Switches, Mounting and Bonding, Nameplates, Packaging, POP Displays and Sign Assembly

The Hot Melt Company has a solution for nearly any bonding, mounting, or fastening need.  Our Tapes are specially engineered, high-quality tapes that will exceed all expectations. State-of-the-art coating technology, a dedicated research and development team, and more than 50 years of combined expertise in PSAs, our Tapes Products deliver superior fastening solutions.

Typical product attributes include high strength, excellent tack and peel, superior shear performance, near-immediate adhesion, ease of product handling and die-cutting, chemical and UV-resistance, and more.

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