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Automotive Adhesives

Hot Melt Company supplies a full line of – Pressure Sensitive Hot melts – APO hot melts – Heat Seal adhesives – Water-based acrylic adhesives and Solvent-based adhesives for automotive assembly applications. Our Automotive Grade Adhesives are designed to bond many components and materials and provide excellent adhesion to a wide range of common materials.

Our Adhesives can be Custom Formulated for Strong, Fast setting bonds or Long open times with High Heat resistance and Low or No VOC’s. Our Automotive grade adhesives are made to bond well to most substrates including – Plastics – Non- Wovens – fabrics and metals.

Our Automotive grade adhesives are commonly used in robotic automotive assembly lines. Interior and exterior automotive grade adhesive applications include: headliner adhesive, body panel adhesive, trim adhesives, windscreen bonding and anti flutter adhesives, our automotive adhesive products are designed to enhance your product performance.

Building & Construction Adhesives

Hot Melt Company supplies a full line of Hot Melts and Water-based adhesives for Building & Construction and General Product Assembly applications. Our Building and Construction adhesives are designed to bond many components and materials including Foams, Plastics, Wood, Glass and Metals and our adhesives can be Custom Formulated for Strong, Fast setting-Permanent bonding applications; or for Temporary Hold & Removable adhesive applications.

Our Product Assembly adhesives can be designed for use on specific adhesive application equipment and are made to bond to difficult substrates like fiberglass, nylon, plastics, rubber, foam and difficult to bond metals.

Building & Construction Adhesive applications include: Abrasives – Roofing – Concrete Repair – Doors – Engineered Wood Flooring – Flooring Installation – HVAC – Thermal Insulation and HVAC – Millwork – Mirrors – Mastic – Panel Lamination – Plywood Composing – Post/Pole Installation – Windows.

Filter Manufacturing Adhesives

Hot Melt Company has a full line of high performance Filter Manufacturing Adhesives. Filter Assembly and Manufacturing hot melts are available in several degrees of Color, Peel Strength, Tack, Shear Strength and Viscosity. Our Filter assembly adhesives can be formulated as Permanent, Non-Staining and “Water White” Color; making them a great choice for most filter production applications.

Heat Seal for Papers - Films - Plastics

Hot Melt Company supplies a Full Line of Heat Seal Adhesives and Heat Seal Coatings For Coating Paper and Plastic films including Cups – Labels – Lidding – Plastic films. Our Heat Sealing Coating products are widely used for Paper and Plastic film coating. Heat Seal coatings – FDA approved for Direct Food Contact and Direct Skin Contact applications.

Hot Melt Heat Seal Adhesives – Heat Seal Tapes & Films – Water-based Heat Seal – Solvent based Heat Seal. Our Heat Seal Adhesives and Coatings can be applied by different methods including – Knife over roll, reverse roll, nip roller, gravure coating, Rod coating, brush, spray or roller. The Heat Sealing process can be performed Both In-line or after initial application.

Blister packs are widely used in the packaging of consumer goods. Blister Cards are made by coating paperboard with a water-based heat seal coating. Once coated with Heat Seal, the paperboard can be made into – Fold-Over and 2-Part Blister Cards.

We can help you with selection of right type of paperboard and heat seal coating to meet your requirements. Our heat seal adhesive for blister packs is very high performance and adds significant value to your blister pack packaging. Our Heat Seal for Blister cards offers a number of benefits and will make your Blister card customers very happy!

Our Heat Seals can be Custom formulated for specialty applications to meet requirements for – Viscosity, Solids %, Non-blocking, Clarity & Heat Sealing Temperature.

Insect & Rodent Trap Adhesives

Our Insect Traps and Rodent Traps Adhesive is used for many insect and pest control applications including: Fly traps, Mouse traps, Rats traps, Sticky Glue papers, Fly Papers & Glue Trays. We can Add Specific Pheromones to your adhesive, to maximize the trapping performance and effectiveness of your Insect or Rodent Trapping product. Our formulations can be Customized with different Pheromones; as part of a Pheromone-based pest management solution. Whether you need an off-the-shelf product or a customized Insect and Pest Control adhesive – We work with you every step of the the way to supply the best adhesive product for your application.

Hotmelt Company supplies a Full Line of Insect Trap and Rodent Trap Adhesive including: Hot melt Pressure Sensitive – Water-Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for Insect Traps and Rodent Traps manufacturing. Our Insect and Rodent Trap Hot Melt Adhesives meet the needs of even the most challenging “Industrial Grade Trappng” applications.

Our Pressure Sensitive Hot Melts and Water based Adhesives are used for all types of Insect and Rodent Trap manufacturing requirements and can be custom formulated to meet specific application requirements for – Color, Scent, Pheromones, Bond strength, Heat and Cold resistance and other performance standards. Insect Trap adhesives are available in several degrees of Peel Strength, Tack, Shear Strength and Viscosity.

Laminating Adhesives

Hotmelt Company supplies hot melt and water based Laminating Adhesives for many substrates including: polyester ( PETP, PBTP ), polyethylene, polypropylene, Cellophane, paper, polyvinyl chloride, Aluminum and Most Metal Foils.
Our Laminating Adhesive options are limitless – We can help you bond to almost any surface including: Wood – Plywood – Metal – Gypsum – Honeycomb – Plastic – Cork – Hardboard – Fabric – Foil – Cardstock -Corrugated – Veneers – Vinyl – Paperboard – Non-woven – Foam – Fiberglass – Padding – Rubber

Label & Tape Adhesives -Pressure Sensitive

Hot Melt Company offers a full line of high performance Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives and water-based pressure sensitive adhesives designed for Tape and Label applications; available in several degrees of Color, Peel Strength, Tack, Shear Strength and Viscosity.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives are best known for Aggressive Bond Strength, Low Temperature Flexibility and High Heat Resistance; making them an excellent choice for bonding many difficult to bond, low energy substrates.

Packaging Adhesives - Recycle able ~ Compost able ~ Bio-Degradable Adhesives

Hotmelt Company offers a Compost able ~ Recycle able, high performance hot melt and water-based adhesive for a variety of paper and fiber board packaging applications. We offer Hot melt adhesive that passes industrial compostable standards as detailed in ASTM 6400-12 and is certified as meeting this criteria by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute). The hot melt is approved for compost able articles. This hot melt has wide temperature range of 0 to 180°F and has high tack and excellent penetration on dense coated paperboard stock and high recycled content cardboard.

Woodworking Adhesives

Bulk Hot Melts- PUR Hot Melts – Water-based Adhesives – Tapes – Hot Glue Sticks and Hot Melt Guns for Woodworking applications
Hot Melt Company supplies a wide range of Bulk Hot Melts, Hot Melt Sticks, Hot Melt Stick Guns, Bulk Hot Melt Guns, water-based adhesives and Industrial Tapes for use in woodworking and product assembly.
Hot Melt Company – has a full line of adhesives that can be customized to meet your various Woodworking applications. Our water based adhesives, hot melts and polyurethane hot melts will increase your manufacturing speed, reduce your manufacturing costs and increase the strength and performance of your finished products.
Hot Melt Company has all the bulk hot melts – hot melt sticks – Type I, II & III Water-based adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives used in the production of wood products including: Cabinets- 3D Laminating – Membrane Pressing – Finger Jointing – Multi-layer Laminating – Profile Wrapping – Edge Gluing – Face Gluing – Block Board Jointing – Chair Production – Dowelling – Edge banding – Flat Lamination– Cold and Hot Press adhesives – Wood Veneer – Seating – Foam Fabrication – Mattress – Foam Frame Assembly – Pillow Top attachment.
Try our 100% Solids – PUR Hot Melt wood working adhesives to bond wood in 15 -30 seconds without clamping or clean up .
In Stock Hot Melt Products include: PUR Adhesives – Water-based adhesives – Pressure sensitive hot melts – Bulk Hot Melts – Hot melt Glue Sticks and Glue Guns for bonding to elastic, foam, fabrics, metals, plastic and rubber.

Heat Seal Hot Melts

Heat Seal Adhesives & Coatings or Heat Seal Films are Hot Melts or Liquids that are applied to paper, film, non-woven or foil substrates and Dried. The final bond is not formed until the Heat Seal Adhesive is later – Re-activated.

Our Heat Seal Coatings are widely used for these applications:

Food Packaging
Paper Converting
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Flexible Packaging
Yogurt Lidding
Blister Packaging
Credit Card Lamination