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Specialty Adhesives – Tapes and Films.  Film adhesives and Web adhesives consist of a thin layer of adhesive supported on a peelable backing liner.

Specialty Adhesives – Tapes and Films are widely used on products ranging from packaging, aircrafts and automobiles to toys, appliances, product assembly and electronic instruments. Their versatility frees designers from many of the usual constraints and often provides a convenient, economical solution to otherwise difficult or costly joining problems.

Our film adhesives and Web adhesives are typically hot melt-cast adhesives that form a thin flexible layer, which can be heat activated or pressure sensitive for various applications. Film thicknesses range from .5 to 50 mils. The standard width is 60 inches; however, custom widths are available from 1″ to 120″.

Hot Melt films help control consistency in the application usage variance to give repeatable performance characteristics.  Each film adhesive offers unique performance characteristics and serves a different use. It is critical to understand an application’s processing and mechanical needs in order to determine which type of film adhesive is best suited.

Hot Melt Company carries a Full Line of  Heatseal Tapes and Films for many – Industrial, Food Packaging,  Flexible Packaging,  Paper Converting, and  Specialty Applications. Our heat seal tapes and pressure-sensitive tapes provide strong bonds on even the most demanding applications.  Our Heat Seal reactive tapes are thermosetting, providing strong permanent bonds to most materials.

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