PUR Hot Melt

PUR Hot Melt and Cold PUR Polyurethane Adhesive for Industrial Applications

We supply a wide range of Polyurethane PUR hot melts and Cold PUR adhesive for most Industrial applications. Our Polyurethane Adhesives are commonly used for  applications including: cabinet assembly – edge banding – flooring materials manufacturing – woodworking – product assembly and much more.   We produce a great product line of PUR Hot Melts and PUR Cold adhesives. We also supply PUR Hot Melts and PUR Cold adhesives from other manufacturers in the industry including H.B Fuller, Henkel and Jowat Adhesives.

Please Contact us with any questions on selecting the best PUR Hot Melt or PUR Cold adhesive for your application.

Below are some of the most common PUR Hot Melts we offer, for information on the full line of PUR hotmelt products, please contact us.

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