Bulk Hot Melts- PUR Hot Melts – Water-based Adhesives – Tapes – Hot Glue Sticks and Hot Melt Guns for Woodworking applications

Hot Melt Company supplies a wide range of Bulk Hot Melts, Hot Melt Sticks, Hot Melt Stick Guns, Bulk Hot Melt Guns, water-based adhesives and Industrial Tapes for use in woodworking and  product assembly.

Hot Melt Company – has a full line of  adhesives that can be customized to meet your various Woodworking applications.  Our water based adhesives, hot melts and polyurethane hot melts will  increase your manufacturing speed, reduce your manufacturing costs and increase the strength and performance of your finished products.

Hot Melt Company has all the bulk hot melts – hot melt sticks – Type I, II & III Water-based adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives used in the production of wood products including:  Cabinets- 3D Laminating – Membrane Pressing – Finger Jointing – Multi-layer Laminating – Profile Wrapping – Edge Gluing – Face Gluing – Block Board Jointing – Chair Production – Dowelling – Edge banding – Flat Lamination– Cold and Hot Press adhesives – Wood Veneer – Seating – Foam Fabrication – Mattress – Foam Frame Assembly – Pillow Top attachment.

Try our 100% Solids –  PUR Hot Melt  wood working adhesives to bond wood in 15 -30 seconds without clamping or clean up .

In Stock Hot Melt Products include: PUR Adhesives – Water-based adhesives – Pressure sensitive hot melts – Bulk Hot Melts – Hot melt Glue Sticks and Glue Guns for bonding to elastic, foam, fabrics, metals, plastic and rubber.

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