Metallocene Hot Melt Glue – 8665

Metallocene Hot Melt Glue – 8665


Product Features

  • Fast Tack and medium setting speed.
  • Maintains light color and very low odor.
  • Eliminates char formation.
  • Excellent machining characteristics.
  • 40 lbs. per box

Part #: 8665
UPC: 18239351878
Shipping Weight: 42 lbs.



Metallocene Hot Melt Glue – 8665 – For Difficult Substrates and Coated Substrates.  Packaging – 40 lbs – Clear-White Hot Melt Glue .  MADE IN USA. 1 Per Pack.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 8665 is a high performance thermoplastic hot melt adhesive designed for Difficult and Coated Substrated, high speed packaging and product assembly applications.

8665 was specifically designed for Difficult Substrates and Coated Stocks.

FDA Status: Meets composition requirements of indirect food additives.  Regulation 21 CFR 175.105 “Adhesives”

Hot melt has very high heat resistance, Medium-fast set time and low density for increased bead profile size and reduced hot melt consumption.

USES: Packaging, Difficult Substrates, Coated Stocks for Case and carton sealing applications.

FEATURES: • Fast Tack and meduim setting speed • Strong Bonds to Difficult Substrates and Coated Stocks.  Maintains light color and very low odor • Eliminates char formation • Excellent machining characteristics.

TYPICAL PROPERTIES:  Metallocene Hot Melt Glue – 8665

Viscosity: 1100 cps @ 350°F
Application Temp: 325°F – 375°F
Color: White
Softening Point: 210°F
Speed of Set: Medium/Slow

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Shelf Life: Twelve (12) months. Do not store at high temperatures. Keep container covered when not removing adhesive. Do not allow hot adhesive to contact skin. See SDS for details.

Additional information

Container Size

Box | 40 LB.

Product Type

Bulk Hot Melt, Metallocene Hot Melt


Carton Sealing, Case Closing, Clear Adhesive, Corrugated Board, Fast Setting Adhesive, FDA Adhesives: 21CFR175.105, for Direct & Indirect Food Contact, Folding Cartons, Food Packaging, General Purpose, Packaging, Paper Converting, Paper Cups, Product Assembly, Tray Forming

Bonds To

Cardboard, Coated Stocks, Foam, Paper