Adhesive Cleaner and Mastic  – Cleaner ~ Remover

9008 - Hot Melt Cleaner

Adhesive Cleaner and Mastic  – Cleaner ~ Remover

# 8652  – Adhesive Cleaner and Mastic. Natural  Soy-based, Bio-degradable, Organic Adhesive &  Mastic Surface Cleaner/Remover. # 8652 is formulated to be applied at room temperature.

# 8652  – Powerful and will quickly and easily remove contamination of hot melt and pressure sensitive liquid adhesives from your machinery and components.  # 8652 quickly penetrates & dissolves all adhesive residue, leaving machinery and surfaces free from adhesive deposits.

# 8652  – widely used throughout the Packaging,  Food,  Bottling,  Nonwoven and  Printing Industries.  # 8652 is made from 100% renewable raw materials, it is  100% VOC Free – Odorless – Non-Flammable and Non-Corrosive.

# 8652  – works well for cleaning of all types of adhesives including:  water-based and  waterproof adhesives,  EVA,  PUR,  Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives (HMPSA’s) and  Mastics.

 # 8652  – available in –  1 or 5  Gallon Pails  &  55  Gallon Drums.

8652  – excellent for use as a parts soak/cleaner for clean up of all types of adhesives.  Its all-natural soy based formula provides a non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly solution to removing adhesives, labels, stickers, decals, grease, crayons and shoe polish.

Apply a thin coat of   8652   Adhesive Cleaner and allow a few minutes to penetrate and soften the adhesive, followed by manual cleaning for adhesive removal. For heavy build-up it may take a few applications to clean off the adhesive, hot melt or mastic.

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