8580 – Heat seal hot melt

8580 – Heat seal hot melt


Product Features

  • Hot melt-High performance heat Seal formula
  • Meets composition requirements of Indirect Food Additives Regulation 21 CFR 175.105
  • 50 lbs. per box; 27 Boxes /Pallet.


8580 – Heat Seal hot melt – low softening point – Color tan – Heat Seal temperature will depend upon the substrate used, coat weight of the adhesive, dwell time and seal pressure. MADE IN USA

This product was designed for Heat Sealing – Bag Tin Tie application.


Physical Properties

Color – Tan

Softening Point – 180 F

Viscosity – 15,375 cps  @ 350F

Application Temperature – 325F – 350F


Handling and Storage

For best results, use the product within 1 year


OPERATING CONDITIONS: Suitable for all gear and piston pumps. Suitable for all standard electronic and pneumatic. Nozzles including zero cavity and reduced cavity. Suitable for wheel applicators and foamed hot melt systems.


Operating Temperature: Target: 350°  Typical: 325°F to 350°F


PACKAGE: 50 lb. box, 1350 lbs. /pallet.



Additional information

Weight 53 lbs