Warranty and Terms of Purchase



Warranty and Terms of Purchase:  Hot Melt Company (“Hot Melt Company”) warrants that our products are manufactured and distributed in accordance with the product manufacturers’ and Hot Melt Company’s specifications in effect on the date of manufacture. These specifications are available upon request. This Warranty does not cover test data, or any defects, damages or other harms caused to any extent or in any way by failure to follow applicable Hot Melt Company instructions, if any, or abuse /misuse of the product.


We believe the information included on the  Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data Sheet to be correct, to the best of our knowledge. The recommendations and suggestions herein are made without guarantee or representation as to any specific results. We recommend that tests be made in a laboratory or plant to determine if the product purchased meets all of your requirements. It is the responsibility of the buyer/user to determine the suitability of this product for his/her application/requirements.


Any claim made or action commenced by purchaser/end user under Hot Melt Company’s limited warranty as set forth herein must be brought within six months from date of shipment from Hot Melt Company to the purchaser. Purchaser agrees that all disputes arising from Hot Melt Company’ sale of product to purchaser shall be brought, if at all, in and before a court located in the state of Pennsylvania, to the exclusion of the courts of any other state.


For any valid claim presented under the limited warranty, Hot Melt Company will replace the product, or, at its option, refund the purchase price. This replacement/refund resolution is the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy against Hot Melt Company. The purchaser agrees that no other resolution (including but not limited to lost profits, lost sales, injury to person or property or any other incidental or consequential loss) shall be available to purchaser for claims arising out of any use of the product regardless of the legal theory (contract, tort or other). In no event will Hot Melt Company be obligated to pay damages to purchaser in any amount exceeding the price that the purchaser paid for the product.


DISCLAIMER – The warranty, as stated above, supersedes all other warranties, express or implied. Hot Melt Company expressly disclaims any other warranties, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Hot Melt Company’s acceptance of purchaser’s order for a product is expressly conditional on purchaser’s assent to terms and conditions set forth herein. Regardless of whether Hot Melt Company suggested the product or developed the product at the purchaser’s request, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to test and determine the suitability of the product for the purchaser’s intended use and purpose, and purchaser assumes all risk and liability whatsoever.