Hot Melt Company – Shipping Policy

Hot Melt Company maintains a large stock of selected adhesive products. Most orders are shipped within 2-3 business days from the date the order was placed. We work to achieve the highest level of customer service by shipping all orders ASAP after they are received.

Some orders are shipped direct from our product manufacturers and there could be delays in shipping, due to production scheduling or raw material backorders. In some cases, orders are shipped from multiple locations and may require that we ship items from the same order in more than one box. All shipping costs are based on the total weight of order and you will only be charged one delivery fee. We always try for full transparency between Hot Melt Company and the end customer, giving the customer up to date shipping information and lead times.

Custom formulated products and made-to-order products may require additional lead times for delivery depending on the manufacturer’s production schedule and shipping location.

How do we ship?

For most orders, we ship with UPS, FEDEX and USPS Ground Service for domestic shipments within the United States.

To reduce Frt. cost and lead times, LTL Freight Carrier transportation may be scheduled for domestic shipments, that are oversized, overweight, or need any special handling. When LTL Freight Carrier transportation is used; our Freight Logistics manager will contact you to set up and schedule delivery.

Delivery Options:

For Smaller shipments, we normally ship via UPS, FedEx Ground Service, or Next day/2nd Day Air for expedited shipments. These orders can be shipped 2 ways:

Freight Collect –FOB Shipping Point.  Freight charges applied to your UPS / FedEx Account #

Freight Prepaid and Add  FOB Shipping Point.  Freight charges are Prepaid & Added to the customer invoice.

For Larger quantity shipments – over 150 lbs. there are 2 options:

Freight Prepaid and Add  FOB Shipping Point, the Freight charges are Prepaid & Added to the customer invoice.  Hot Melt Company – can schedule the delivery and “Prepay and Add” the Freight cost to your Invoice. Prices will vary depending on ship-to location and any special freight handling requirements, such as “Expedite” or  “Protect from Freezing”.

Freight Collect –FOB Shipping Point.  Hot Melt Company Or the Customer – can schedule the delivery using your preferred Freight Carrier, Logistics Company, or Courier service.

International shipments – All orders are shipped EXWORKS, FOB, Shipping Point.  Small orders ship via UPS, FedEx or DHL. Larger quantity shipments, the customer must arrange for orders to be picked up using own courier or logistics service.  Lead times will vary depending on the items ordered and the shipping location.

Additional Charges

Depending upon the type of product you wish to order and the time of year, an additional charge may be incurred.  Please be aware of the following additional charges that could apply.  Any changes will be disclosed before the shipment is scheduled.

Protect from Freezing charge, may be added to all Water-based products shipping between 11/1  and  4/30 of each year.

Expedite charge, may be added to Invoice on shipments that are requested for rush orders, next day delivery, and same-day shipments.

Hazardous Products – shipped within the US or International may incur an additional charge.

When do we ship?

At Hot Melt Company we try to ship all our in stock orders out within 2-3 business days of receiving the order. We work to achieve the highest level of customer service by shipping all orders ASAP after they are received.

Some orders are for Made-to-Order and Custom Formulated products. These orders are sometimes shipped direct from our product manufacturers and there could be delays in shipping, due to production scheduling or raw material backorders

We will do our best to update customer with accurate lead times. We provide the order freight tracking number on the invoice, so customer can track the product delivery date.

Delivery and lead times

Products are divided into 3 Categories:

  • In-Stock product.
  • Made-to-Order product.
  • Custom Formulated product.

In-Stock product. – In stock products can usually be shipped by the next business day. The order must be processed by 12pm, EST.

Made-to-Order product. – we ask for a 1 week lead time for custom formulated products or bulk order shipments. However, most Made-to-Order items ship within 3-4 business days.

Custom Formulated product. – our custom formulated adhesives and Made-to-Order adhesives sometimes use special raw materials and have specific handling characteristics, such as shelf life. The estimated lead time will be provided after the order is processed. Lead times are 1-4 weeks.

Where do we ship to?

Hot Melt Company ships all over the world. We ship daily to the United States, Mexico and Canada. International shipments are possible but require special attention due to international shipping requirements.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: All International orders are EXWORKS TERMS and will require a bank wire transfer payment in advance of the product release or shipment to the end customer.

Rates to ship?

All Standard Freight carrier rates apply.

If you want to ship using your UPS or FedEx Collect account, please call us at 1-888-856-2878 to place your order.

International shipments – please call to place your order and get details for processing payment and arranging shipment for your order.

How to track an order?

Once an order ships, Customer will receive an invoice copy that includes a Freight tracking number, to track estimated delivery date.

* Please confirm your shipping address before you submit your order *

For more detailed information on our complete line of products, to speak with a technical representative about your application – please call us at 1-888-862-2878 or email us at