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Bulk Hot Melts- Tapes – Hot Glue Sticks and Hot Melt Guns for COVID-19 related Manufacturing Projects

Hot Melt Company is supplying a wide range of Bulk Hot Melts, Hot Melt Sticks, Hot Melt Stick Guns, Bulk Hot Melt Guns and Industrial Tapes for use in manufacturing of critical PPE Supplies; including  Protective Mask Manufacturing – Medical Supplies and various covid-19 related safety equipment.

This includes companies that produce essential products including PPE equipment, masks, medical gowns, hospital supplies, food & beverage packaging and other safety equipment. We are here to supply you with the right adhesive solutions to continue producing the essential goods needed during these difficult times.

Hot Melt Company has all the bulk hot melts – hot melt sticks and pressure sensitive adhesives used in the production of PPE supplies including masks – gowns – protective face shields – medical equipment and more. We also have a selection of hot melt glue stick guns and bulk hot melt applicator guns used to dispense hot melt adhesives.

In Stock Hot Melt Products include: Pressure sensitive hot melts – Bulk Hot Melts – Hot melt Glue Sticks and Glue Guns for bonding to elastic, foam, fabrics, metals, plastic and rubber.

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