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APAO - EVA - Fugitive - Heat Seal - Metallocene - Polyamide - Polyester - Polyolefin - Pressure Sensitive - Recycle able-Compost able - Remoisten-able Hot Melts

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APAO Hot Melt

Benefits of Polyolefin Hot Melt Adhesives: High temperature resistance and performance. Good specific adhesion to a variety of substrates (e.g. olefins, textiles, foam, etc.) Excellent creep resistance. Slot or roll transfer coat as well as sprayable. Low odor and VOC.

EVA Hot Melt

EVA hot melt adhesive (Ethylene – Vinyl Acetate) is 100% Solid, thermoplastic adhesive that is tack free and flexible at room temperature. When heated to 250 -350F, the EVA hot melt turns into a liquid and is applied to the material to be bonded. Hot melt EVA is an economical, fast bonding option for a variety of Packaging and Product Assembly applications.
EVA hot melt adhesive can be formulated to be very Fast Setting or made to have Long Open Time and can be designed for use in High Heat and Freezer Grade applications.
EVA hot melts are a great choice for most Case, Tray & Carton Sealing and Packaging applications when Fast Set Time, Clean Machining and good adhesion to various substrates is needed.

Fugitive Hot Melt

Hot Melt Company has a full line of high performance Fugitive / Removable Hot Melt Adhesives; available in several degrees of Color, Peel Strength, Tack, Shear Strength and Viscosity. Our Fugitive Hot Melt adhesive can be formulated as Non-Staining and “Water White” Color; making them a great choice for Credit Card Affixing and Direct Mail applications.

Metallocene Hot Melt

Our Metallocene hot melts are commonly used in the following Applications:
Case & Carton Sealing – CD/DVD/Digipak Carton Sleeves – Direct Mail – Freezer Grade Food Packaging – Filter End Cap Gluing – Foam & Mattress Fabricating – Folder Gluer Hot Melt – Heat Seal Coatings – Packaging – Paper Converting

Polyamide Hot Melt

Our Polyamide hot melt adhesives offer the following benefits:
Green Strength development – To minimize assembly time and time to handling.
Open-Time – Flexible open-times from 2 seconds to 2 minutes of working time.
Broad Adhesion Range – Great bonds to Paper, wood, metals, plastics, plasticized PVC.
High Strength – Great for most high performance applications.
Flexibility – Great option for High Heat and Low Temperature resistance applications.
Chemical Resistance – Great performance for exposure to grease, oils, plasticizers.

Polyester Hot Melt

Our Polyester hot melts offer the following Benefits:– Faster setting.
– Good adhesion to polar substrates.
– Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, plasticizers and water.
– Susceptible to degradation with heat and moisture over time.
– Good elevated temperature performance.
– Higher application temperatures.
– Good UV resistance.

PSA - Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt

Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive is best known for its Aggressive Bond Strength, Low Temperature Flexibility and High Heat Resistance; making it an excellent choice for sticking many difficult to bond, low energy substrates.

Recycle able ~ Compost able - Bio-Degradable Hot Melt

Hotmelt Company offers a Compost able ~ Recycle able, high performance hot melt adhesive for a variety of paper and fiber board packaging applications. We offer Hot melt adhesive that passes industrial compostable standards as detailed in ASTM 6400-12 and is certified as meeting this criteria by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute). The hot melt is approved for compost able articles. This hot melt has wide temperature range of 0 to 180°F and has high tack and excellent penetration on dense coated paperboard stock and high recycled content cardboard.

Remoisten-able Hot Melt

Hotmelt Company offers both water-based and hot melt Remoistenable Front-Seal adhesives for a variety of application and performance requirements. Our Remoisten-able hot melts offer superior machining and block resistance under the most hot and humid climates. Our Remoistenable hot melts are commonly used on envelopes.

Heat Seal Hot Melts

Heat Seal Adhesives & Coatings or Heat Seal Films are Hot Melts or Liquids that are applied to paper, film, non-woven or foil substrates and Dried. The final bond is not formed until the Heat Seal Adhesive is later – Re-activated.

Our Heat Seal Coatings are widely used for these applications:
Food Packaging
Paper Converting
Pharmaceutical Packaging
Flexible Packaging
Yogurt Lidding
Blister Packaging
Credit Card Lamination